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We are glad you are here. Our website contains information that can save your life or the life of a loved one.

Please let us know how we can help you with resources or support if you have or suspect a Tickborne Illness.

EMAIL US: or TEXT: 501-482-LYME

Let us know on our Lyme Rocks Facebook page that you have found a rock and let us know where you have found it!


Lyme.Rocks is an Arkansas based Lyme Disease Awareness Project started in 2018 in hopes of spreading education and awareness about the dangers of Lyme Disease - especially in the South.


Grab some "lyme" green paint and get creative.

Include the www.Lyme.Rocks logo on the front of your rock.

On the back of your rock, include the year you were infected with Lyme Disease, or your name, the county you were infected in, the name of a loved one lost to Lyme - OR whatever you prefer! 

Post a photo of your rock - and please share your "Lyme Story" if you'd like!

Be sure to include the hashtag #LymeRocks with your post.

*Please consider using non-toxic paints, do not attach anything to the rock that could cause harm to insects or small animals, and do not place the rock on any Federal land or property.

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