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UAMS Tick Testing

UAMS needs your help collecting ticks across Arkansas to study Lyme disease.

A research team wants to test ticks from all 75 Arkansas counties...but can't do it without YOU!


Place tick(s) in a small ziploc bag with a moist cotton ball or piece of wet paper towel and seal the top of the bag with tape. Multiple ticks can be combined in a single bag if they all have the same history (e.g.; similar collection site/date, collected from same animal, etc.).

Complete the form (to download form, please click on tick photo below).

Place the baggie and this form in a small padded envelope and ship to the address on the form. Alternatively, you can contact us at to discuss whether it might be feasible for us to either pick them up or have you drop them off at UAMS.

For additional information, please contact , or

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