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Get Listed.

The Talent and Crew Network is not a Modeling Agency.
​We are a Casting Company.
What does this mean to YOU as a potential Model or Actor?

No exclusive contracts.

We do not "represent" models or actors - we just present them with opportunties to find legitimate work.

No commission deducted from your paycheck, because we work for the client.

No empty promises.

Get paid directly from client.

No required classes , photos or fees.

More opportunities to work independently across the region.

We ONLY list experienced Models and Actors with our company.

If you are not experienced professionally in the industry yet, we can help point you in the right direction. We will consider marketing you to our clients once you have begun to build your experience level, training and resume.

We are unable to meet with you in person or answer general questions about the modeling and acting industry over the telephone.

Please EMAIL us your specific questions, and we will try our very best to help point you in the right direction.


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