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The Talent and Crew Network

Production Companies, Photographers and Ad Agencies:

You will have more creative control, and peace of mind about the experience of the Talent that you have hired as you preview their current Headshots, Snapshots and Resumes.

You don’t have to pay additional expensive Agency fees that are "figured in" to the Talent fees. We are a CASTING company. We work for YOU.

It’s just 15 % of the total Talent Rate to coordinate Talent.

That’s it.

Can't find exactly who you need from the website?

The Talent & Crew Network is connected with other Independent Casting sources and Agencies throughout the Midwest!

If you are looking for Freelance Crew Members to help out on your larger productions, we can help too.


As you may have already seen on her resumes on this website, Lori Lynn has a very strong background in Casting Talent. Beginning in the early 90’s with Stu Segall Productions in San Diego, she has casted Extras and Principal Talent for 3 national television shows, numerous pilots, independent films, commercials, and the greatest casting challenge of all - the major motion picture "Titanic".


If you would like more information on The Talent & Crew Network, or would like to know how to become a part of the Network - Please see our website at

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