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Lori Lynn

Video / Commercial Resume

Makeup Artistry, Wardrobe Styling & Casting

Best Buy / SONY w/Peyton Manning - National

Ellis Park w/ Calvin Borel - Regional

Motorola - National Campaign

Toyota - National Spots

Nickey Hayden - PSA - Motocross GP

LA Weightloss National TV Commericals

"529" TV Commerical Governor Mitch Daniels

WOW Cable

Sanofi Aventis - Bayer Oncology

Family Life International

WFIE 14 Heart Doctors Forums 2006 - 2011

The Speed Channel National TV Commerical

Stadler & Company

John Mc Laughlin Music Video (National Telly Award)

Berry Plastics

Welborn Clinic Lasik Surgery Video

Barry's Mobility

Mead Johnson EFB Video

Various Regional/National Political Campaigns

Barry's Pharmacy

Duell Car Dealership

Ohio Valley Eye Institute

Mirrored Blessings Christian Video

Deaconess Pediatric Hospital

Action Pest Control

2007-2010 Trails End Popcorn Boyscout Videos

Gibson General Hospital

2007 - 2008 Mead Johnson POA Videos

2007-2010 Deaconess Hospital Campaigns

CBS News - "Face The Nation"

Jagoe Homes

Weight Loss Solutions

Deaconess Spirit of Women TV

King's Great Buys Plus

Story Telling DVD - Mary Jo Huff

TV Ad Campaign - Judge Maggie

St. Mary's Ball Fundraiser Video

Phil Hoy Ad Campaign

Gerling Law TV Commercials - 2007-2010

Wrights Motors

MidWestern Pet Foods "Pro-Pac" TV

Mayor Jonathon Weinzapel Interview

Mead Johnson POA II 2005-2006 Videos

Mead Johnson Training Videos

Sitex Uniforms Video 2007-2010

Pfizer Animal Health Video

Danks & Danks Attorneys TV 2007-2010

Evansville Chrysler

Abraxis Corporate Video

Science Is For Everyone Video

Brown Forman - Stellar Gin WOM Videos

Old National Bank

Canadian Boyscouts Training DVD

Lasik Eye TV Commericals

Atlas Van Lines Corporate Meeting Video

Heartland Home Healthcare

TAYLORMADE - National Commercial

Walgreens - National Commercial

VISA - National Superbowl Commercial

1-800-Pet-Meds - National

Owensboro Medical Center

Video Resources - Ensure Infomercial

St. Mary's Hospital

Vectren Energy Corporate Videos

Ronald McDonald House Interviews

Mammocyte Interviews Video

Visiting Nurse Plus

Evansville Visitors Bureau - National Commercial

Mark Allen (Ironman) Interview

Mead Johnson - Live Corporate Meeting

N.A.G. Corporate Video & Live Stage

U of E Business School Videos

Mead Johnson Food Safety Video

St. Marys Bariatric Center

Welcome to Mead Johnson 100th Birthday Video

Atlas Van Lines Instructional Video

Casino Aztar Interviews Video

Evansville Cancer Center Doctors Forums (2005-2009)

Frontier Corporate Video

Old National Bank Corporate Video

HB Idol - Helms Briscoe Corporate Video

Good Samaritan Hospital 2008 - 2012

Doritos Test Commercials

Gerling Law Firm Commercials 2006 - 2011

Casino Aztar Commercials/ Print

Sanofi - Aventis Corporate Video

Bachatcha Game Shows WFIE

Integra Bank Compliance Video

Welborn Clinic

Rogers Jewelers

Eye Mart Commercials 2006-2012

Heritage Federal Credit Union

St. Marys "I Demand It" Campaign

Lays Potato Chips Test Commercials

Trover Foundation

Berger & Berger Law Firm

Shoe Carnival National Ads

Owensboro Health Park - Kids Exercise Video

National Mead Johnson Corporate 2004 Videos

KY Congressman Ed Whitfield PSA

Evansville Sheet Metal Video

Integra Bank Videos

United Fidelity Bank

Lopp & Lopp Attorneys

Raben Tires

Sharrett Superstore

Mead Johnson "Rep-Ignition" Video

Hudson Corporate Video

Sanofi - Aventis Oncology Video

Tropicana Casino Commercials

Hoosier Lottery Live Events

Independence Bank Commercials

Real Scary Stories TV Show - Fox Family Channel

Silk Stalkings, Renegade, Vanishing Son94-95

ESPN Flyfishing Special

Arkansas Comcast Newsmakers

Conway Regional Medical Center Commercials

Baptist Medical Center Commercials

Rawlings Sports Commercial

Arkansas Territorial Restoration Video

Energy Masters Commercial

WREN Law Firm

Arkansas Heart Hospital Commercial- Artisan Films

National Toyota Commercials

Sparks Medical Center Commercials

Rheem Team Heating & Air Commercials

Industrial Trade Video

Brandon House Furniture Commercials

Sears Home Center Commercials

Price Police Commercials

Titanic Promotional B 98.5 Arkansas

Farmland 98 Video

Mississippi Baptist Cancer Center Commercials

ARKLA Commercials

Recycle Memphis Commercials

Sparks Medical Center Commercials

TCBY Commercials

Entergy Commercial

Arkansas State Health Department

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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