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Lori Lynn - Film Resume

"Old Days" Casting Director - IN / Extras Casting Director

MIchael Rosenbaum

"Remaindered" Casting Director Lee Goldberg

"A Mind Beside Itself" Casting / Makeup Assist / Wardrobe / Executive Producer

"Untitled" Abuse Awareness Film Casting Director / Makeup

Cinephreak Pictures

"The Familiar Road" Casting Associate Alfonso Ponton / NYC Film

"Dummy Hoy - A Deaf Hero" Evansville Production Manager / Casting Director DaCor Pictures

"Graveless" Casting Director Skeleton Crew Films

"Titanic" Assistant Extras Casting Director James Cameron

"Titanic" Kate Winslett Stand-In / Photo Double James Cameron

"Company Man" Key Makeup Artist /Hair / Wardrobe Downriver Films

"The Crown" (aka Born to Win) Art Director Incline Productions

"I Had A Dream..." Associate Producer Arrowinn Productions

"Beyond The Dream World" Writer / Associate Producer Arrowinn Productions

"The Avenger X" Associate Producer / Wardrobe Arrowinn Productions

Lori Lynn has also assisted in Principal and Extras Casting for numerous Independent Films in the Tri-State Area. List and references available upon request.

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