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Any tick can transmit a disease. 

It doesn't matter how big it is, or how long it has been attached.

Tick testing is reliable, affordable, and fast.

Tick-borne disease testing for humans (especially Lyme Disease) is unreliable, expensive, and it can take weeks for results. 

By saving and testing individual ticks, we are able to detect whether the tick itself carries the certain pathogens, helping with early detection and proactive treatment regimen. 

Treating a tick-borne disease in it's early stages is vital to healing properly. Undiagnosed and/or untreated tick-borne illness can lead to a lifetime of debilitating health issues.


Determining whether your tick was infected provides you the opportunity for your physician (or veterinarian) to offer lab-based confirmation services or recommend a proactive treatment regimen.


Tick testing is not a substitute for physician diagnosis of disease but it can be a useful aid in deciding whether or not to treat in the absence of disease symptoms.  Tick testing results can often be returned to you within 72 hours.

Remember, that just because the tick may test positive does not mean that the pathogen was transmitted. is not a tick testing service - We are simply a free resource for those seeking information about tick testing.

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