Tick Finder

Protecting your best friend against ticks is important. When walking in greenery, ticks can latch onto and bite your dog, potentially transmitting deadly disease organisms to your dog.

The Tick Finder App provides a simple interactive map which displays tick infested areas reported by others users, and lets you contribute to warn others about tick infestations that you uncover in your area.


Ticks are both a human and animal nuisance and human health risk because they transmit diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and others in the US. TickID provides basic information that may be helpful as a first step in tick identification of those most important in human health, especially in the eastern US, information about the diseases they transmit to humans, how to remove ticks as safe as possible, what precautions should be taken when exposed to ticks and links to additional information about ticks.


Bitten by a tick? What to do. Follow these tips for removing ticks. The risk hazard map shows the current tick bite risk in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Log tick bites and sightings in the tick diary. The reminder feature lets you compare pictures of symptoms with the bite on your body. If you see signs of infection when examining the bite, consult a doctor to determine whether you may have contracted Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease Mapping Project

Our objective is to produce a comprehensive Map Series that depicts the true story of how many individuals actually suffer from Lyme and Related Co-Infections (ie: Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Mycoplasma, Anaplasma, Rickettsia, etc) in every corner of the globe.

The TickApp

 The TickApp for Texas and the Southern Region

has been developed to provide citizen consumers and professional practitioners with a convenient guide to the identification of ticks impacting humans, livestock, companion animals, and wildlife. 

TickCheck Tick ID

Bitten by a tick? TickCheck can help! This free app, supported by TickCheck.com Tick Testing, provides FREE tick identification services and valuable resources on Lyme disease, tick removal, and more.
 Tick identification can help you understand potential for exposure to tick-borne infections like Lyme disease.
Your anonymized tick submissions will also provide valuable data for university tick surveillance research!


This mobile app enables a real-time check for flea, tick or mosquitoe bite risk, which can transmit diseases. Weekly updated maps (according to the weather forecast) indicate the risk level for each type of parasite, thanks to various colours. You can also report your own parasite or bites observations to other FleaTickRisk community users.

Tick Tracker

The first app that helps users report and track ticks in real time. Download now to start tracking and help educate in the battle against tick borne illness!


Detectick is a mobile application that can detect ticks quickly.

Lyme Disease

Informational App about Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease Safety Lite

A Must Have App for Anyone heading outdoor to take Safety precautions for Tick caused Lyme Disease. It spells out the things to consider and do before one goes outside to hike and trail path. Shows you how to:
Prepare for Outdoors, 
Check For Tick, 
How to Remove Tick from Skin, And CDC Data on Ticks

The Tick App

By sharing when and where you encounter ticks you will help researchers at the University of Wisconsin and Columbia University to better prevent tick-borne diseases. The Tick App also provides information on tick identification, tick removal and other prevention ideas. You can also submit ticks for identification by university staff.